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Self care is not selfish

Information, training and tips that help you STAY HEALTHY AS A FAMILY CAREGIVER!

Physical self-care.
Tips on finding the time to eat well, rest, keep doctors’ appointments, exercise. 

Mental well-being.
How to avoid burnout by reducing stress, fatigue, anxiety, guilt, loneliness.

Spiritual fitness.
Ways to help yourself believe that you are enough, you're doing the best you can, and it is ok to ask for help.


General, Self Care

The Partnership between the Caregiver and their Loved One »

Understanding the difference between being a caregiver and a care partner and how to make the transition.

Health Conditions, General, Self Care, Information

Tips on "lightening your load" so you can better manage your day. »

How does one lighten their load when they work a full-time job, have kids, a partner, care for an aging loved one, and maybe even a pet? We share a tip...

Health Conditions, Seasonal, General, Self Care, Information, Health Awareness

September is Healthy Aging Month! »

Healthy Aging Month , a nationwide observance dedicated to empowering adults 45 and older by promoting the positive features of aging.

General, Self Care, Information

Reframing your thoughts to reduce your stress »

The process of reframing is recognizing when your thoughts are processing everything in a negative direction and finding a positive way to think of them instead.  Learn how your thought process is di...

Health Conditions, General, Self Care, Information, Health Awareness

New focus for the Wellness Wall »

Our Wellness Wall now has a new look and a new focus: Self-care is NOT Selfish. Check back often for regular posts and updates focused on STAYING HEALTHY AS A FAMILY CAREGIVER!

Health Conditions, Seasonal, General, Self Care, Information, Health Awareness

How to beat the heat »

Finding a cooling center and other ways to beat an unexpected heatwave.

Health Conditions, General, Self Care

Breaking bad health habits caused by stress »

During the pandemic, a lot of us faced more stress than ever, especially . It is common to seek instant gratification and develop less than healthy habits. But as easy as these habits are to slip int...

Health Conditions, Seasonal, General, Self Care

March 11 is World Kidney Day - an organ we do not give a lot of thought to that serves an important role in our health! »

37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and most are undiagnosed.  Click to learn about your kidney health. >>

Seasonal, General, Recipes, Self Care

Health Awareness, March 2021 »

A spotlight on Colorectal Cancer, Kidney Disease, and Nutrition. What you need to know to prevent your health risks.

Health Conditions, Seasonal, General, Self Care

Join The American Heart Association for Wear Red for Women Day »

National Wear Red Day ® Wear red to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and save lives.

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Thank you, MetroWest Health Foundation and Avidia Bank, for enabling BayPath Elder Services to provide support and resources to family caregivers.